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“I Work 1-2-1 With clients to provide an educational, coaching based Technical SEO service. We are driven by data, and take a holistic approach to SEO.

We love working with the big dreamers who don't settle.”

Known for adopting another timezone

We're based in Glasgow, Scotland. Despite this, we align our schedule to Central Standard Time (CST) in the USA. This just suits us better.

Our office hours are therefore 6am-6pm CST
(12noon thru 12 midnight UK time). 



I believe adversity can be a creative opportunity

When the pandemic put a stop to my daily activity plans, I invested in a treadmill, a sit-stand desk, some timber, and made myself a 'walking-desk' that I could work at. I also love solving complex website problems. Want to rank in Colombia in Spanish whilst being based in the US and ranking in the US in English too?
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I made this website as an experiment

When a client asked me to help them make their Showit website multilingual to rank in different countries in different languages, I rose to the challenge and created this website as a test space.

I decided to record the creation process so that I could create a mini Showit SEO course to share with the community during that process.




Setting up a Showit website to be multilingual is a little different to the process for a standard Wordpress website.

I've created this multilingual SEO micro-site to show both a visual representation of a multilingual set-up on Showit, as well as to create a space for some multilingual SEO tutorials. 

If you need further help, I offer a multilingual site set-up service, which is available on both Wordpress and Showit websites.

Just have a few questions? Book a power hour using the link below. I'd love to help!

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We offer hourly SEO help for a range of things from helping you troubleshoot problems to finding and fixing broken links

Service One

Our SEO Pro package features 30 hours of SEO work spread over 12 months, with ongoing support and monitoring for 12 months.

Service Two

International multilingual set-up for Showit websites to enable you to target multiple countries and/or languages

Service Three

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“Karen is seriously the best

She explained SEO to me and finally helped me understand so many things that baffled me in the process of building my website and everything. She's also super sweet and I loved all of our video chats to work on stuff with her!

- Donna Smith

"Karen has helped me immensely over the years

There is nothing about SEO and websites that she doesn’t know about and is always one step ahead of everyone else. Her expertise in this field is priceless. Can’t thank her enough for all the hard work she has done for me and will continue to do so. Highly recommended! ”

- Ally Hedayati

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